• BSF Breeding was established in South Africa by 3 founders with BSF-industry experience since 2015
  • We will change the BSF landscape by providing neonates (baby larvae)
  • We produce these BSF neonates at low cost in South Africa
  • Our current price for neonates is 35 ZAR per g (approx. 2.40 USD per g), which equivalents to approximately 20 ZAR per g of eggs (approx. 1.30 USD per g)
  • Our business has an international reach as we ship neonates overseas


  • We support current BSF operations, and make it easy for people to start their own BSF business.
  • Deliver BSF livestock in the form of neonates to clients, who have access to feedstock and who wish to grow BSF larvae.
  • Receiving neonates from us, allows our customers to take a shortcut into the insect industry. Without investing, learning and operating the breeding cycle, our customers can focus on growing the and processing them to great products.
  • BSF neonates can grow from 1 g to 8 kg alive larvae within 2 weeks.
  • If you are interested in receiving neonates from us, please contact us by submitting the form below.